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Good day and thankyou for your interest in our photography and now because you are on this page I will assume you are interested in your health or at least a little curious.


About me

Well After a colourful life of police work, Paramedic work, Coaching and Teaching assistant work I have developed a very unique set of skills. They asked me before Liam Neeson but the goal wasn't to get the bad guys stronger or teach them about their unhealthy habits! 

My usual work consists of working with athletes and rehab projects. My skills took one client to the world title in bodybuilding, I have run corrective issue training for olympic athletes and taught health and nutrition to primary school children. Every goal I have set for myself for clients has been achieved but I choose who I help wisely, we cant all have superpowers.

 My range is vast but my goal is the is number one and being happy is more important than anything else. If there ever was an example of this I guess I guess it would be my 7 year old client who had a fear of dogs. Although my job was to work on his rehab, I wanted to incorporate that into relieving his fear. Im proud of him and proud to say that one session put to the side means he can't pass a dog without asking the owner if he can play with their dog. 

Now to you reading this...maybe you are here curious about personal training, you want to lose or gain some weight, feel a little too immobile for a big day or just feel that honeymoon snap might look a little better if you got that figure YOU wanted. Whatever it is, a free consultation and chat might be your step toward whatever goal you have set yourself and I cant stress enough it is about what You want.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions via the Macworth contact details.


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